A Message from the Minister

The Rev’d Alison Richardson
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There is a road which leads here – either a road of high hedges and rural scenes, or the super highway of the internet – but here you are at Silverton Methodist Church.  So welcome friend and stranger alike.

We hope you can find all the information you need about our church from these web pages, but please feel free to contact us if you want to know more.

Bob and I sincerely hope, and pray, that you will all enjoy good health and happiness in 2022. 

Across my section of churches, we have enjoyed all of the Christmas activities. This Christmas was so much better than last. Worship was held across my section and well attended. This brought us great joy and assurance. Thank you to everyone involved with preparation, presentation, and participation. 

Very sadly there are church families who have found Christmas very difficult because of the sickness, death and bereavement of their loved ones. It is very reassuring to know that our communication regarding prayers, is good, and continues to be effective be it Christmas or not. 

Now we look forward to our Covenant Services and promising once again to commit ourselves to Christ in service to God Almighty. We try to be Christian firstly and then commit ourselves to living out our faith in the Methodist tradition. I will be providing two zoom sessions at home for the section, to look at ‘A Methodist Way of Life.’  The first zoom session is 10.30am – 12 on Tuesday 18th Jan, the second is at 7.30pm Tuesday 18th Jan. 

Ideally the study is best shared in small groups, but I feel ‘called’ to introduce this to start with, for us all to learn a little more. After this we can decide on small groups or not. Please contact me if you would like to join me at either of the sessions. 

Meanwhile please continue to keep as safe from covid as possible, and well so that we, as pilgrims and as church family, can journey from the old into the new, with Holy Spirit leading us.  Rev Alison Richardson 

Bronwyn Nott has given me permission to include the following. 

At Crediton Methodist Church on Christmas Day Rev Alison Richardson led the short act of worship.  The fifth candle in the Advent ring was lit denoting Christ’s birth. Several children and adults showed presents they had received either this Christmas or in the past. 

The familiar reading from John 1 reminds us that Jesus is one with God and has always existed since creation. Jesus is the light and the word. Alison read a quotation that likened us to a stained glass window which is dark and dull until a light is shone through it. Jesus illuminates our lives by a light within us.

On Boxing Day Rev Richardson again led the service. In the reading from Luke 2, twelve years had passed since Christ’s birth and Mary & Joseph & Jesus had gone to Jerusalem for the Feast of the Passover. On the return journey with friends,  Mary & Joseph did not realise that Jesus was not with them. When they did realise, they went back to Jerusalem and searched for Jesus. Eventually they found him in the temple courts talking to teachers. When Mary & Joseph questioned Jesus, he asked why they were searching for him – did they not realise he had to be ‘in his Father’s house’. 

It was clear that, although Jesus was only 12 years old, he had already understood His identity as God’s son – God Incarnate.

Alison asked Have we searched for Jesus? Have we found Jesus? Or Are we searching in the wrong places? 

At various times in life we need to give thought to the way ahead.  If the signposts are clear, so we are confident about the way ahead then all well and good, but if we are less certain then it will be important to take time to take stock before moving on.  Jesus faced some uncertainty during the forty days he spent in the wilderness immediately following his baptism.  Luke’s Gospel suggests it was a time of temptation for Jesus as he wrestled with the prospect of his call to ministry, and considered how he would fulfil God’s purpose.  Jesus did not have the physical signs to help him on his way, but instead God provided him with responses to the temptations he faced.  As he spent time in solitude he found he was able to be clear about what was required of him.

My prayer is that we will find time to take stock, to look for those signposts that God will provide, and move forward in response to His leading.  May God bless you.

I also have my own website www.revinthehouse.com